Super Blue Green Algae

17 02 2010

By far my family’s most important super-food is the algae from Klamath Lake in Oregon. We get this product from Simplexity. Every morning we take Alpha and Omega plus acidophilus and bifidus. We also take Simplexity’s digestive enzymes before each meal. The best part about the algae is that it is not a food supplement. It is a food in itself. It is a whole food, very high in protein, vitamins, micronutrients and everything else you need for a boost. It is a great way to get more green into your diet. The following is an excerpt from an article written about the benefits of the algae from Klamath Lake.

“Blue Green Algae contains the original evolutionary blueprint for the perfect human being as nature intended. So, we have a single cell of Blue Green Algae breathing the first breath of oxygen into the atmosphere, perhaps, three and a half billion years ago. In the following billions of years, all life evolved, including us. Blue Green Algae is a fundamental, foundational, ancestral food – 3.5 billion years old, starting the beginning of the food chain – available to us today to build, nourish and empower our bodies, minds and lives.Great reasons to eat algae are:

  • The algae has a spiritual quality. It is a primordial form of Being.
  • It defies the laws of description through science.
  • It is a combination of all the categories of life (plants, animal, bacteria)
  • Because it came into being during the early stages of Earth’s development, it is one of the heartiest survivors ever known.
  • It took millions of years for it to acquire it’s own powerful immunology.
  • The Algae is made of Light.
  • You should take into your bodies what Mother Nature has grown and nurtured in hers and share it with others.
  • It evokes deep thought in us. Its level of reality is primordial.
  • It takes us back to the roots of primordial time in the depths of Earth’s history and returns us to the fold thereby.
  • It takes us from our citified living – our urbanity- and returns us to our most root cause.
  • It is rooted in fire, fluctuating fire, fire on the floodtides, fire growing in water is the Algae’s light.
  • It is as a slow burning ember through time, the living protoplasmic organism, procreating of its own kind is the fire in water, that is its secret essence.

So if eating light in the form of algae can facilitate anyone’s transformation, evolution, growth, and eventual Ascension, then perhaps it is a good time to stay bright, eat light, vibrate, and grow into our true God-selves.”

I like the other algae products as well, like the Smoothie mix and the Our Green Drink which we add to many of our liquid concoctions. Check out my recipes for Chunky Monkey Smoothie and Green Balls.

If you want to know more about the algae, check out their website. I have it in my links.  or you can email me with questions. If you want to buy as a retail customer, use my distributor number when you sign up 1041464. It does not cost anything to become a customer.




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