Kale and Butternut Squash Strata

29 09 2010
A strata is a type of bread pudding like casserole. It is a one dish meal made with bread cubes soaked in eggs and milk (like french toast) and then baked with assorted vegetables. In this case, I used fall flavors of kale, chard and butternut squash. It almost was like a stuffing casserole. I served it to guests who found it delicious. My complete menu was Tarragon Zucchini soup followed by the Strata and a nice green salad with a Sherry shallot vinaigrette. I finished the meal with a peach and blueberry crisp. Read the rest of this entry »

Swiss Chard Kugel Torte

18 09 2010
I made this dish last night for two teenage boys and all they could say was “How come you never made this before? It is amazing?” This is  a nice casserole type dish with noodles, chard, eggs and milk. My son described it as a noodle quiche. You can use any braising greens like beet greens, kale, or spinach. You can also use Italian Fontina cheese.You can bake this in a 9″ springform pan or a 9″ inch cake pan. You do need some depth to the pan. I suppose a deep quiche pan would work as well.

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Curried Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup

26 04 2010
This is a nice make-ahead soup. You can use water or a nice vegetable stock as the base for the soup. I always opt for the vegetable stock if I have some homemade on hand.I used swiss chard but you could also use spinach or any other green chopped coarsely.
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Creamed Collard Greens

19 04 2010
Can you tell that I like greens? Dark, leafy greens are so satisfying and extremely healthy.  Usually collard greens are prepared with pork fat. This recipe is completely vegetarian and is the best version of vegetarian style collard greens I have ever tasted. This recipe makes a large amount so it is great as a side dish for Thanksgiving or any large gathering. Of course, you can cut this recipe in half. These creamed greens can be refrigerated overnight and then reheated before serving. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweet Potatoes, Caramelized Apples and Greens

3 04 2010
As usual, it was time to use up an odd assortment of vegetables in my refrigerator. I love sweet potatoes simply roasted with sea salt and olive oil or butter. I also know that people love to pair sweet potatoes with more sweetness. Usually I find that to be cloyingly sweet, like those marshmallow and sweet potato combinations at Thanksgiving. However, in the case of this recipe, I thought the slightly bitter greens would compliment the sweetness of the caramelized apples and the sweet potatoes. I was right. It was delicious and naturally sweet as so much of God’s wonderful produce is. Remember you can use any combination of braising greens like mustard greens, kale, collard and beet greens in this recipe.

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Spaghetti with Beets and Greens and Garlic Chips

16 03 2010

Spaghetti with Greens and Beets

I had to use up some Swiss chard, beet greens and leftover roasted beets I had so I came up with this recipe. You could use any greens such as kale, spinach, or collard greens. I like a mixture of the hardy bitter greens and the tender greens like chard or spinach. This spaghetti turned such a beautiful pink color that even my boys commented on it. My husband’s comment was mainly “outstanding!”. If you don’t have roasted beets, you can omit them and just make it a spaghetti and greens recipe. You can drizzle oil over the beets and wrap individually in foil and roast in a 400 degree oven for about 1 hour until tender. Read the rest of this entry »