Raw Nutty Granola

1 04 2015

I made this raw granola as a topping for a raw fruit bowl. Everyone loved it so much that I promised I would post it on my website. This is made entirely from nuts, no grains. It is easy because you do not need a few days to sprout anything. Simply soak the nuts and dates and raisins overnight and you are set to put it in the dehydrator. The whole process takes about a day and a half. Of course you can add any dried fruits to the granola after the dehydrating process if you want a more deluxe version.

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Oatmeal Date Scones

2 05 2011
I went for afternoon tea with the ladies the other day and it inspired me to make scones. My husband, being Australian, is a big fan of English scones, not those dried out American biscuits that they try to pass off as scones at Starbucks. I would call them more of stones than scones. We make scones and serve them warm with fresh whipped cream and jam. Of course, if you can get  a hold of clotted cream, even better.

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Almond Milk

12 01 2010

Here is a simple recipe for almond milk. It is easy, raw, and totally nutritious. I love almond milk as the base of most of my smoothies. I find fruit juice too sweet and dairy products too rich. If you really love it and find yourself making almond milk often, it is best to invest in a Soyabella. This is an electric soy milk and nut milk maker. It is super easy, and I make fresh almond milk most mornings in about 5 minutes (including clean up!). You just have to remember to soak the almonds overnight.

1 cup soaked almonds (soak overnight and then rinse before using)

1 date, soaked and pitted (optional)

1 tsp. Vanilla (optional)

Blend on high all the ingredients with 3 cups of water until well blended. Strain in a fine colander or through a mesh bag or cheesecloth. Store the milk in a glass jar in the refrigerator. It will keep up to 4 days.Almond