Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal

23 01 2016

I was visiting my mother in Denver and she made this wonderful baked oatmeal for us. It really is like eating a Morning Glory muffin in an oatmeal version. It is easy because you can make it ahead and then reheat it.

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Lime in the Coconut Drink

2 06 2010
This is another great refreshing summer drink using fresh coconut water. Refer to my recipe, Sunrise Shake, for further instructions on opening a Thai coconut. I also have a link to a You Tube video in my links section.

Water from 1 young coconut

Meat from 1 young coconut

1 banana, preferably frozen

½ lime, juiced

1-inch piece of fresh vanilla

2 oranges, juiced

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. You may strain this for a smoother texture or drink it as it is.


Sunrise Shake

2 06 2010
In the summertime, we love to make lots of healthy smoothies. My 15-year old son has mastered the art of cracking open a fresh coconut. One word of warning: don’t use a really good knife because it may get chipped a bit. I use a cleaver style knife. You can find some videos on youtube for how to open a fresh coconut. I like this video. She does a great job explaining about the young coconut.
This shake has a great tropical taste and is super healthy for you.  Coconut water and coconut meat are used in a lot of raw cooking so it is worth taking the time to master that art of coconut opening.

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