Shrimp Piccata Spaghettini

8 01 2018

I made this lovely pasta dish for my family and they gobbled it up. You could substitute scallops or fish for the shrimp if you like. The key is to add a little pasta water to the pasta when you toss it with the sauce otherwise it is a little dry. 

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Scallop and Shrimp Dumplings in a Thai Coconut Basil Sauce

23 02 2014
These dumplings are one of the most requested dished from my family. In fact, my son wowed his highschool friends with these at a gourmet potluck dinner. They are a little time consuming to make each dumpling by hand but the actual cooking time is very quick. These make a great appetizer or main course dish for any occasion.

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Asian Shrimp Risotto

16 01 2011
This risotto is made with arborio rice using the same techniques as traditional Italian risotto. However, I used a lot of Asian ingredients to give it a nice flavor twist. You can add other seafood. I was hoping to add some smoked scallops which I think would add a fabulous dimension to this dish.

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Bangkok Shrimp with Button Mushrooms

14 09 2010

This recipe uses a Thai Coconut Sauce that is also really yummy with stir fried vegetables.  Make this recipe now while fresh corn is still in season.

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Shrimp Quesadilla with EVOO Persian Lime Oil and Ginger Tomato Salsa

19 06 2010
I made this quesadilla last night for dinner and blew the family’s socks off. All four agreed this was one of my better concoctions. It is a lovely combination of herbs, shrimp and the Persian Lime with an Asian style salsa. The salsa will keep for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Enjoy.

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Chili Shrimp with Basil

24 03 2010

When I used to cater, this was one of my most popular appetizer dishes. This is great for a buffet because it can be done ahead of time. This recipe comes from a series of cookbooks I love on fusion cooking by Teri Sandison and Hugh Carpenter. They are beautifully photographed books with delicious recipes. I have entertained for years using their inspirations. This recipe for chili shrimp comes from their Chopstix cookbook. Many of my friends have asked me for this recipe, so here it is finally. Read the rest of this entry »