Thai Tuna Burgers with Lemon Ginger Mayonnaise

4 08 2010
This recipe has been a hit in my kitchen for at least 10 years. We always pull it out in the summer for a great barbecue. I have served it to people who swear they don’t like fish, and they have completely devoured one of these burgers. Any leftover mayonnaise is good for making Asian style tuna fish sandwiches the next day.

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Green Drink Extaordinaire

24 05 2010
I just finished up a weekend cooking at a retreat center in North Carolina. One of my fellow chefs kept juicing up all these amazing green vegetables and coming up with a truly delicious green juice drink. This is fully packed with nutrition and even better, great flavor. Use all organic fruits and vegetables if possible. You will need a good juicer to make this. Vary the amount of apple to your taste. Thank you Martha Diane.

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Power Green Drink

15 01 2010

I heard that organic fresh  cucumber juice is extremely good for you. So, I tried straight cucumber juice and found it unpalatable. I came up with the following concoction nstead which is still very green, but tasty nonetheless. Drink this first thing in the morning and you will not be hungry for hours.

1 cucumber

2 big fistfuls of wheat grass

1 stick celery

4 sprigs parsley

Juice these all together for a powerhouse green drink to start the day.