Mango Salsa

8 09 2016

A friend of mine always makes this salsa when we come to visit her in Reno. It is so delicious that everyone puts it on everything and if all else fails, just eat it with a spoon. It is simple to make but requires delicious mangoes.

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Tomato Vodka Sauce

24 06 2015

My son is now a college boy and is about to move into his first apartment. He has asked me to teach him some good simple recipes for college life. HIs first request was a pasta sauce. He loves a good creamy Tomato Vodka Sauce, so we created the following recipe. It was delicious and very easy to make. They say the vodka helps bring out the flavors of the tomatoes. I think it was originally created in the ’70’s by the vodka industry for some self promotion. No matter what the reason, the end result is delicious.

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Tomato, Marjoram, and Fennel Sauce

7 09 2011
I made this sauce to go with a potato au gratin style dish, but my family forgot to use it. So the next day, I pureed it and used it on pasta and eggplant parmigiana. It was delicious. Everyone commented on the subtle licorice flavor and the nice pairing of the marjoram with the fennel. It is very simple to make and can be used on almost anything.

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Grilled Mahi Mahi with Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Lemon Oregano Oil

6 07 2011

These slow roasted tomatoes can be served with any grilled or roasted seafood or tossed with pasta or even used as a bruschetta topping along with a drizzle of the Lemon Oregano Oil. I think it is a perfect staple to make ahead and have in your refrigerator to spruce up any meal. Serve this fish with a light rice pilaf or some Israeli couscous or even quinoa.

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Asian Style Tuna and Avocado Wraps with Fusion Salsa

13 10 2010
We made these for dinner tonight and they were super yummy. It is a complete meal with protein, vegetables and carbohydrate. They can be a little drippy so eat them carefully over your plate.
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Zucchini Feta Bulgur Casserole

24 09 2010
This is a great casserole to use up lots of zucchini from your garden. Also, if you are like me, I am trying to use up as many of my fresh herbs before we get a cold snap. This is easy to put together and is nice and hearty for the fall weather.

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Zucchini and Rice Gratin Provencal Style

7 04 2010
Usually I wait until the heart of the summer to start cooking with zucchini. That is when my mother gives me a never-ending supply from her garden. However, I happened to have a few zucchini in my refrigerator yesterday, so I guess I was anticipating that bountiful harvest and the lovely fresh tastes of summer produce. I put together this gratin dish in under an hour. Of course, using a pressure cooker to cook the brown rice sped up the process. You can put together all of the parts to this recipe while the rice is cooking. Then simply assemble and bake. This recipe can be made up to a day in advance before the final baking, making it an ideal dish for entertaining. Once again, I used EVOO’s Tuscan Herb olive oil for roasting the vegetables and drizzling on the rice. You can use just plain extra virgin olive oil, but you may want to add more herbs like some fresh basil and oregano.

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Tomato and Basil Bruschetta Topping with EVOO Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

29 03 2010

Making Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

Serves 6

6 ripe plum tomatoes, seeded and chopped

2 tbsp chopped basil

1 – 2 tbsp EVOO Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

1 – 2 tbsp of one of EVOO’s extra virgin olive oils

2 tsp EVOO Basil oil

Sea salt and black pepper to taste

Fresh goat cheese (optional)

Put the chopped tomato and basil in a mixing bowl. Add in the Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar and olive oils. Mix gently. You can adjust the proportions to suit your own taste. Add in sea salt and black pepper to taste. Serve atop toasted crusty bread. An option is to spread a layer of goat cheese on the toasts before placing the Tomato Bruschetta topping on top.

Enchilada Sauce

12 03 2010
This recipe goes nicely with the Tofu, Broccoli and Spinach Enchiladas. It is quick and easy to make using a commercial salsa.

½ onion

1 (14 oz) can whole tomatoes in juice

3 cloves garlic

3 to 4 tablespoons commercial hot salsa

1 red bell pepper, charred, peeled, stemmed and seeded (optional)

1 tsp salt

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and buzz until smooth.

Italian Salad Dressing

12 03 2010
This is an easy dressing that is delicious and will keep about 1 week in the refrigerator.

1 large tomato

1 clove garlic

¼ cup water

¼ cup olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp fresh basil

½ tsp fresh oregano

½ tsp Celtic sea salt

In a blender, process all ingredients until smooth and creamy.