Winter Fruit Crumble Pie

4 12 2012
I made this pie for Thanksgiving and everyone raved about it. Even my son, who does not like apple pie, thought it was delicious. I liked the combination of apples, pears, cranberries and an unusual fruit, figs. Use your favorite pie crust recipe and line a 10 inch deep dish pie pan. This would be a nice Christmas pie as well. Enjoy.

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Green Drink Extaordinaire

24 05 2010
I just finished up a weekend cooking at a retreat center in North Carolina. One of my fellow chefs kept juicing up all these amazing green vegetables and coming up with a truly delicious green juice drink. This is fully packed with nutrition and even better, great flavor. Use all organic fruits and vegetables if possible. You will need a good juicer to make this. Vary the amount of apple to your taste. Thank you Martha Diane.

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Sweet Potatoes, Caramelized Apples and Greens

3 04 2010
As usual, it was time to use up an odd assortment of vegetables in my refrigerator. I love sweet potatoes simply roasted with sea salt and olive oil or butter. I also know that people love to pair sweet potatoes with more sweetness. Usually I find that to be cloyingly sweet, like those marshmallow and sweet potato combinations at Thanksgiving. However, in the case of this recipe, I thought the slightly bitter greens would compliment the sweetness of the caramelized apples and the sweet potatoes. I was right. It was delicious and naturally sweet as so much of God’s wonderful produce is. Remember you can use any combination of braising greens like mustard greens, kale, collard and beet greens in this recipe.

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Harvest Applesauce Breakfast Bundt Cake

24 03 2010

Serves 12                             Easy

It is a cold, snowy morning here in Denver and I am looking for something special to make for breakfast. I remembered this recipe so I dug it out. It looks like the perfect comfort food for today. I love the smell of something baking on a snowy day. So, I am heading off to wake my kids to the smell of a fresh coffee cake in the oven and maybe some hot tea. If this is as good as I remember, I may bake it for my son’s class breakfast tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »