Exciting News about Olive Oils and Vinegars

18 03 2010

I have a new culinary discovery about which I am so excited, I could not wait to blog about it. On March 6, I posted a blog about EVOO marketplace (see my link) and their fantastic olive oils and vinegars. Well, I really did not understand the value of my new discovery until now. Today I met with the owner, Mick Major, to discuss the possibility of my designing recipes for him using his products. The end result was he sent me home with 12 assorted oils and vinegars, and I began to play.

I made a panini sandwich for my son with Chipotle oil, turkey, mayonnaise and mustard. He loved the subtle smokiness of the chipotle and the little spice it added to his otherwise normal sandwich. For my husband, I created a vegetarian panini. First, I grilled some zucchini slices brushed with EVOO Garlic Oil and sprinkled with smoked sea salt and pepper. I spread some mayonnaise and garlic oil on the bread. Then put in some cheddar cheese, tomato slices and the grilled zucchini. I toasted the sandwich in my panini pan. Finally, I tossed some mixed baby greens with a mixture of EVOO’s Persian Lime oil and Peach Balsamic Vinegar. I put this in the sandwich right before serving. The flavors were amazing! I really think I am on to something!

For years, people have been asking me to come up with recipes that are easy yet gourmet. It seems most people don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen creating deluxe meals. I think that these oils and vinegars may be the answer to that dilemma. In other words, if you don’t have to chop up a bunch of fresh herbs and garlic to make  a marinade for grilling vegetables, but can simply brush them with EVOO’s Tuscany Olive Oil that is filled with the flavors of garlic, oregano and thyme; you can save a whole lot of time in the kitchen.

Not only will preparation be faster but your food is healthier. In other words, if you don’t have to buy commercial salad dressing that is filled with all sorts of extraneous, unhealthy additives; but instead, make a quick dressing with Lemon Meyer oil and White Balsamic Vinegar, why not?

My goal over the next few weeks is to get serious about trying out the limits of these oils and vinegars. I am starting with a Pear, Walnut and Baby Green salad tonight using EVOO’s Walnut Oil and Pear Cinnamon Vinegar. Stay tuned for more fun yet simple ideas.




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