Cream of Wheat and Rice Porridge

10 02 2010
At this time of year, it is nice to have hot cereal sometimes in the morning. This is a quick and easy version that is a healthy alternative to all those sugar laden instant oatmeals on the market. Even the organic ones are still high in sugar. I use apple juice or apple juice concentrate as a substitute for processed sugars in a lot of recipes.

½ cup Brown’s Red Mill Creamy Rice Hot Cereal

½ cup Brown’s Red Mill Creamy Wheat Hot Cereal

2 cups water

1 cup apple juice

Cinnamon and nutmeg to season

Chopped fresh fruit or frozen berries

Follow the directions for cooking the cereal as per the package but use some of the apple juice to help sweeten it slightly. Then instead of using sugar, honey or syrup, just add chopped fruit when serving. I like to add cinnamon and nutmeg for flavor. My kids particularly like frozen berries because it turns the porridge fun colors and tastes great.




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